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THE ARTIST and his muse

"The fairy tale is an imaginatively embellished short prose, in which the natural laws are repealed and the miracle predominates. All kinds of Animals, plants and objects talk and communicate with people on the same level. There are powerful magic helper and wonderful tools. The conclusion of the tale is always satisfying, by balancing justice."
(the new Encyclopaedia; 19849)

For this project I wanted to develop a fabric which finds his function on the human body. The design is supposed to tell a story or even a fairy tale and therefore makes the wearer to its keeper. For sharing the tale a common medium was chosen. So it can be shared not only through illustrations in books or stories, it gets close to the person by the use of clothing. Now it is possible to either for the wearer or the viewer to discover the underlying story of the design and use the chance to get carried away to a different world. The fabric has been designed for persons that like to have a strong relation to their clothing and like to partake others. My aim was that the wearer gets the possibility to get in contact with others. Due to the upcoming interest people get the chance of communication and transfer of experiences and insights. The product is a mixture of an inspiring enchanted dream world and has a noble objective cut that gives the print the ultimate freedom.